Welcome to Pierce's Country Goods a new venture offering a variety of items. As the beginning of my Etsy site unfolds, I will slowly be adding items. Once I am on board and in other words, organized....I will slowly increase my selection of goods.

Growing up in a small Maine town, a friend taught me how to crochet before I was a teenager. I always seemed to be making something for either my dolls or family pets. Eventually, I could understand most of the stitches and was then able to begin to follow patterns.

Pierce's Country Goods

​​A Family Owned and Operated Grocery Store in the

​Heart of Richmond, Maine

Heart of Richmond, Maine

​​A Family Owned and Operated Grocery Store in the 

The excitement grew especially after I was married and we started our family. Creating blankets, clothing and all sorts of items for first our daughter and then our son, was so exciting and rewarding.

As the years have quickly gone by, both of our children are married and we have two grandchildren. Now the crochet hooks and knitting needles are going faster than ever! With favorite patterns that have become traditional over the years and new exciting ideas too!

Please check in to view my shop, as often as possible. Any thoughts or questions, I would love to hear and look forward to sharing my Country Goods Shop with you!